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Stage – the intelligent buffet system

Büchin Design developed an elegant buffet furniture range for the high demands of the hotel industry and for exclusive events. It is equipped with a range of technical features to keep dishes hot or cold. We offer exclusive buffet tables with integrated devices which are installed below the table-top and are almost invisible. The need for a clean and clear table surface is not affected by this functionality.

Our VENTA buffet tables are meticulously designed, down to the smallest detail. They have an elegant and high-quality design, but also have a level of flexibility and functionality that allows them to meet the diverse requirements of the hotel, events and catering industry. The buffet tables can be assembled and disassembled in just a few simple steps and without the need for any tools. Thanks to the sophisticated trolley system, the buffet tables can be transported and stored in even the smallest spaces.

In addition to their functionality, the emphasis is also on the exclusive and elegant design of our VENTA buffet tables. We have applied a modern design to our exclusive buffet furniture, giving it a stylish and high-quality appearance, and concealing how flexible, versatile and practical it is.

Buffet table with induction

The highlight of our furniture range is the STAGE_80_M_INDUCTION buffet table with integrated surface induction. You can place three to four pots on the four induction hobs and set the temperature for each hob individually. The temperature range for keeping food hot is from 50°C to 100°C and can be set in increments of 1°C. The intelligent electronics of the integrated induction measures the temperature of the base of the pot every minute and aligns it with the set temperature. This technology was developed by the Swiss company INDUCS and is marketed under the brand name RTSCmp Hold-Line. Büchin Design is one of a select number of companies authorised to integrate this technology in its mobile buffet tables.

Another technical gem is our STAGE_80_XS_COOL+HOT buffet table with a glass surface which houses a cold-hot plate. This technology was developed by Höller, one of a small number of companies worldwide to offer this technology in the form of small and convenient units. This cold-hot plate enables you to keep dishes cool at temperatures as low as -5°C or to switch on the heating function. A hot plate keeps dishes warm. This has the added benefit that you do not have to use induction-compatible cookware, but can also use porcelain cookware, for example. The buffet table has an area of 80 x 80 cm, while the integrated hob measures GN 2/1 (i.e. 66 x 53 cm). Power is supplied via a standard power cable (230 V), as with the induction table mentioned above. Heavy current is not required. The equipment runs very quietly and energy-efficiently.



Our exclusive STAGE_80_XS_COOL_2G COOL table with integrated cold plates works without the need for any power cables. You place this table anywhere in the room – no need for power sockets. Before use, the cold plates must be stored in the freezer room of the hotel or event location for around twelve hours at -18°C. Then the COOL table can be used for approximately five hours. The temperature of the table surface is approx. 5°C. The table is designed for indoor use with an ambient temperature of approx. 21°C. Outdoor use with higher temperatures is not possible.

Cool + Hot

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