Lectern Design Hotel Event Catering Exclusive

VENTA lectern for Hotel and Event made of acrylic glass


The exclusive lectern for hotels and events with a clear and minimalist design


Like all VENTA products, the modern lectern from Büchin Design has a clear and minimalist design. We chose a fully colored acrylic glass (anthracite) as the material, affording us the benefit of a finished surface without the need for any additional finish.


The exclusive lectern is available in two different versions. The VENTA standard version has a sheet of removable transparent acrylic glass at the front with a logo board placed behind this. The basic version of this logo board has an anthracite-colored surface with very thin lines (pinstripe style) perfectly matching the main body. Of course, you can also order your own logo boards from us. Please send us a printable template (preferably in the form of an EPS file). We will then design the front you want and send you the draft via email.



The exclusive lectern also has another option for using the front board to relay specific information. Two acrylic glass sheets are fixed behind the actual front, with proportions of 7/8 and 1/8. The 7/8 sheet is connected to the body using four screw pins, while the 1/8 sheet is simply inserted. You can simply remove the smaller sheet from the side without the need for any tools or without changing anything on the front as a whole. This can be used to good effect for conferences with several speakers. The large sheet displays the logo of the event, while the small sheet displays the name of the current speaker. When the speaker changes, the prepared sign is simply exchanged. This takes about the same amount of time as simply pouring a fresh glass of water.


The stylish lectern has a reading lamp, an XLR jack for a microphone (not included as standard) and a roller bar enabling the lectern to be transported easily. A dust cover is also included to keep the lectern free of dust during transportation and storage.


The exclusive version of the VENTA lectern has an integrated 18″ LED monitor on the front. This allows logos, images or names to be displayed on the front monitor using the supplied USB stick. All you need to do is save the image you want in JPG format with 72 dpi and a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. There is a small flap with a storage compartment on the lectern surface. This contains the USB connection where the USB stick provided can be inserted. The image on the front monitor can be set via remote control.


The exclusive version also has a larger lectern surface. It extends 80 millimetres to the side from the main body. However, with a total width of 86 centimetres, the lectern comfortably fits through all standard doors. In addition to the connections installed in the standard lectern, the exclusive version also has connections for laptop presentations. Cables are installed in the body, ending under the lectern surface at the top, and below the base plate at the bottom. Connections are available for stereo sound (3.5 millimetre jack) and VGA, while there is also an electric cable (Europlug narrow) to connect the laptop to the mains supply. All cables are led under the base plate in a bundle (length: 1.2 metres) fitted with a cable protection conduit.


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