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Mobile Bar

In today’s world, the events and catering industry often needs furniture that can be put together quickly and adapted to different locations. Consequently, VENTA by Büchin Design has expanded its STAGE buffet system once more. The furniture, which was very versatile to begin with, can now be turned into a mobile bar with a number of additional options.

Our exclusive and flexible VENTA buffet tables meet the high demands of the hotel, events and catering industry in every way. They are meticulously designed, down to the tiniest detail. Our practical mobile bars have a stylish and high-quality design, but also a level of flexibility that allows them to be integrated quickly into ever-changing room designs at event locations. VENTA buffet furniture can be put together and taken apart in just a few easy steps, without the need for tools.

Our exclusive VENTA buffet furniture has a captivating design – elegant, modern and stylish. In this way, it is not immediately obvious how practical, flexible and versatile it is when set up and in storage. Style and functionality go hand in hand.

Our STAGE buffet table system was recently recognised for these qualities with the “TOP HOTEL STAR AWARD 2014” in the Usability category.


The mobile bar – a design experience, with an exclusive, modern design, flexibility and versatility

The established STAGE buffet system from our VENTA Interior range can be converted into a mobile bar. In place of the glass panels already part of all versions, we have added an additional table-top option to our portfolio. The compact panel is a heavy-duty plastic surface (material thickness: 10 millimetres), certified according to fire protection class B s1 d0.


We use this panel both as a table-top and as a covering which enables a mobile bar to be created from a STAGE buffet table in an instant. A front panel is attached to the existing metal adapters on the long side. The two side coverings are also attached to the front panels using special connectors and without the need for tools. Then the table-top, which is also formed from the compact panel, is attached to the adapter. Attach the table-top, and the mobile bar is complete!

To make it perfect, you only need one more item of STAGE buffet system furniture. With the STAGE_50_L buffet table as a counter, the mobile bar is ready for use. The STAGE_50_L table-top can consist of a glass panel (particularly appropriate in color form) or a compact panel. There is virtually no limit to the possible combinations. The mobile bar can match the color theme of the room or the event theme.

We offer two standard versions of the mobile bar – the corresponding table frames in standard anthracite and champagne colors and the table panels and coverings in anthracite (CERAMIC ANTHRACITE) and white (PREMIUM WHITE).

 In addition, you can also order a wide range of attractive designs for the compact panels. We acquire our compact panels from Egger. This includes almost every design type, catering for virtually every demand.

We offer our mobile bar in a very simple, compact form without any additional installation parts. If you are interested in a special version with specific installations, please get in touch with us. You can find our range of offers in the Design Services section.


Mobile Bar

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